Surgical ablation

Skin lesions that occur on the skin must be subject to regular dermatologist consultation review. This in turn makes it possible to recognize lesions that are either a cosmetic defect or neoplastic changes which require immediate removal.
Dermapoint is intended for removing any type of skin lesions, from benign to malignant.

We perform classic surgical removal of lesions including the placement of sutures if required as well as less invasive laser tissue evaporation.

In a wide range of Dermapoint clinic’s treatments are the removal of:

  • pigmented moles
  • cutaneous signs
  • fibroids
  • seborheic keratoses (papilloma) wart
  • viral warts
  • millets – small, pearly white or yellowish pimples similar to grain of millet
  • xanthoma of the eyelids
  • hypertrophied sebaceous glands
  • atheromas, cysts
  • lipoma
  • skin cancers

Before the surgery a dermatologist consultation is required which will determine the type of skin lesion and an appropriate method choice of treatment.
Nonsurgical lesions may be removed during the first visit of a patient. In case of surgical removal, the skin lesion is being removed under local anaesthesia where sutures are being applied. The collected diagnostic tissue is being sent for examination by histopathology the result of which is waiting about two weeks. Sutures are being removed in 7-14 days depending on location of the lesion.

The cost of the procedure

Surgical removal of pigmented nevi:

removal of one birthmark
removal of two birthmarks at once
removal of three birthmarks at once


taking a skin specimen for histopathological examination
the price includes histopathological examination and removal of sutures