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Platelet rich plasma is a source of natural, strongly influencing growth factors that enable stimulation of regenerative processes in the skin and hair follicles. Platelet rich plasma stimulates the skin to regenerate and helps the one to regain and maintain the essential youthfulness. Platelet rich plasma improves also the tissue metabolism by stimulating the individual cells of the epidermis and dermis for regeneration. This is a completely natural treatment that guarantees long-lasting effects. It does not cause any allergies, allergies or other immune reactions, which classifies the treatment as extremely safe. In order to guarantee the highest effectiveness of therapy, only tested formulas are used
with the effectiveness confirmed by numerous of clinical tests carried out.
The innovative Tropocells set for obtaining platelet rich plasma allows natural revitalization and regeneration of skin and hair using elements from your own blood. Tropocells is a biocompatible product and allows stimulation of tissue regeneration processes, new blood vessels formation, mesenchymal stem cells activation and stimulation as well as new collagen fibers formation.

The first effects of the treatment are visible after two weeks and gradually increase in the subsequent ones. The regeneration processes are activated after 48 hours of the treatment. Increase skin tension and density requires three treatments to be performed in 0-1-6 months intervals. In case of hair loss, three treatments ought to be performed at an interval of one month. Platelet rich plasma is also a successfully method for effectively combating scars, stretch marks but requires a series of 3-6 treatments at intervals of four weeks.



  • hair loss, baldness
  • skin revitalization
  • skin laxity
  • stretch marks
  • scars
  • burns, wounds



  • pregnancy, breast-feeding
  • inflammation of the skin e.g. active herpes
  • dysplasia of blood platelets
  • trombocytopenia



The treatment with the Tropocells set is a multi-stage process. In the first part, a small amount (10 ml) of blood is taken into special vials. The above-mentioned vials contain an innovative gel that allows the separation of platelet rich plasma from erythrocytes. After 10-minute centrifugation, the platelets concentrate on the surface of the gel.

The next step is to separate the platelet rich plasma from the gel – the vial is placed on the shaker for 20-30 seconds. Finally, the vented needle is inserted into the vial, through which the selected platelet rich plasma penetrates into its interior.
Plasma thus obtained is an elixir of youth that is injected into the area of a skin requiring regeneration. After the injected sites treatment, skin tenderness and redness may be visible. The symptoms are self-limiting within a matter of days.
Despite the use of thin needles, it is possible for bruises to occur.



  • Extremely high concentration of platelets
  • Almost complete elimination of granulocytes from plasma, considered to be unfavorable to the regeneration process and may increase catabolic processes
  • Elimination of unwanted erythrocytes that reduce the proliferation of fibroblasts considerably



There is no need for any recommendations before the treatment. To avoid bruising, a week before the treatment, stop using aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and other medications that reduce blood clotting (e.g. extract from Ginko biloba). Patients with recurring cold ought to start taking aciclovir in a preventive dose two days before the treatment.



The sun exposure without protective filters as well as the use of a sauna or solarium for a minimum of two weeks is not recommended. In the case of bruises occurrence, medications such as Auriderm, Lioton 1000, Reparil may be used to speed up the healing process.

  • Face 700 zł
  • Skin of head 700 zł
  • Face, neck, cleavage 1400 zł