Hair removal FAQ


  1. Are all the lasers as effective?

No. Hair removal using IPL pulsating light is very often proposed on the Polish market. These treatments, however, are not able to destroy the hair follicles permanently but only weaken them. Hence, the unwanted excessive hair grows back. This is due to the fact that IPL devices emit a wide spectrum of light waves of various lengths, which is absorbed not only by melanin in the hair follicle, but also by other tissues. Only treatments using a diode or alexandrite laser, i.e. Vactus, LightSheer or Soprano Ice guarantee permanent hair removal. However, the Soprano Ice laser has a double advantage over other lasers. Firstly, it is a combination of a diode and alexandrite laser and secondly, the treatments with Soprano laser are absolutely painless.


  1. So how does the laser on the hair follicle work?

Soprano Ice laser beam works superficially and in no way has a negative impact on functioning of the whole organism. The laser beam penetrates about 2 mm into the skin, which results in damage to the hair follicle containing melanin.
The laser works in the process of hair-growth phase only for this reason a series of treatments is necessary to be performed.


  1. Is the effect visible right after the treatment?

The laser used in the treatment permanently destroys about 20% of the hair follicles. Directly after the hair removal, the hair can still be seen on the skin surface. However, within a few weeks of the treatment, the hair shaft crumbles irretrievably – in this place the new hair does not grow back.


  1. Is one laser hair treatment removal enough to make the hair no longer grow?

Unfortunately not. To remove all the hair it is necessary to perform several treatments, usually from 6 to 8. This is due to the natural different rate of hair growth on the skin. Most importantly, hair in the growth phase (anagen) is being removed during the treatment. Laser light does not affect the hair neither in the transient (cotagen) nor in the resting (telogen) phase.


  1. Will the hair disappear once and for all after a series of treatments?

Treatments with the use of Soprano Ice laser enable permanent reduction of 80-90% of the unwanted hair. The remaining 10-20% of the hair follicles can be regenerated after years, but the hair re-growth is often light and thin.


  1. Does laser hair removal work on ingrown hair?

Laser Soprano Ice equally efficient and effective removes ingrown hair as well as this growing properly. It should be also added that laser hair removal is the causative treatment of ingrown hair thereby allows to resolve the embarrassing problem forever.


  1. Does Soprano Ice laser work on any hair colour or only on dark? 

Today’s state-of-the-art lasers, such as Soprano Ice, can also remove hair in a different color than dark ones so patients with light hair may need to comply with more treatments. Only gray hair does not disappear under the influence of laser hair removal.


  1. Can one sunbathe after laser hair removal? 

After the treatment patients should not suntan for at least 4 weeks. Skin after laser depilation is more sensitive to sun radiation and when exposed to the sun, discoloration may occur in the areas from which the hair was removed.


Upper lip
190 zł
250 zł
300 zł
260 zł
Whole arms
450 zł
490 zł
Top of the back
300 zł
Bottom of the back
300 zł
350 zł
350 zł
Basic bikini
250 zł
Deepened bikini
350 zł
Total bikini
400 zł
450 zł
400 zł
Whole legs
750 zł
Armpits + whole legs + basic bikini
1100 zł