wypełnianie zmarszczek

Face wrinkles correction

The treatment consists of a local injection of a formula that blocks selected muscles, thanks to which they become detensioned. This is a completely natural treatment that guarantees long-lasting effects. After the treatment the smile lines wrinkles are smoothed and the effect lasts from 3 to 6 months. Often, wrinkles smoothing lasts for more than 6 months, which results from the patient’s all natural movements to be made such as wrinkling and lifting eyebrows or squinting.



  • Vertical forehead wrinkles (so-called “lion’s wrinkle” or glabella)
  • Transverse forehead wrinkles
  • Wrinkles around the eyes (so-called “crow’s feet”)
  • Armpits, hands and feet hyperhidrosis
  • Bruxism



  • Human albumin hypersensitivity
  • Neuromuscular transmission Disorders
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • When following medicines up to a week before the planned treatment are used:
    • Aminoglycosides and aminoquinolones
    • D-penicillamine
    • Ciclosporin and tetracycline
    • Succinylcholine
    • Tubokuraryna, pankuronium, galamina


Step-by-step treatment description

The site of injection as well as the amount of formula are each time is precisely determined individually for each of a patient. The treatment is performed using a disposable syringe with a very thin needle for a single use. The treatment mentioned is short and practically painless. The treatment does not require local anesthesia – the feeling of discomfort while injecting the formula is minimal. After the treatment, the skin may be red and as an effect bruising may form at the injection site. The first effects first effects can be noticeable after about three days, and the final effect can be evaluated after 10-14 days. A check-up is then recommended in order to check the effects of the treatment and make any corrections which might prove necessary.

  • Reduction of lion’s wrinkle 500 zł
  • Reduction of crow’s feet 500 zł
  • Reduction of transverse forehead wrinkles 500 zł
  • Two parts 800 zł
  • Three parts (forehead + lion’s wrinkle + crow’s feet) 1200 zł
  • Bruxism 500 zł
  • Hyperhidrosis of the armpits 1000 zł
  • Hyperhidrosis of the hands 1600 zł
  • Hyperhidrosis of the feet 2600 zł