Reklama Alma Harmony


Dye-VL is a unique narrowband, pulsating IPL light source. Currently, it is considered the most advanced device used to remove vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation. Dye-VL is distinguished by the use of a series of three filters that focus light in the 500-600 nm range. The energy is transferred selectively to certain chromophores, which are mainly oxyhemoglobin and partially melanin. Thanks to the use of such a narrow spectrum of light, the treatment is highly effective in eliminating pigmentation and vascular changes, and on the other ensure highest safety. Dye-VL combines the features of laser and IPL treatment: high pulse energy with a short exposure time. A unique feature of the Dye-VL system is the ability to work in the in motion (dynamic) system, which makes the treatment practically painless as well as remarkably safe. The treatment can be performed even on very sensitive areas of the body, such as the cleavage, neck or forearms. Dye-VL treatment allows you to smooth the skin texture, remove hyperpigmantation, reduce erythema as well as increase the skin tension. The effects are visible after the first treatment, however, the most spectacular effects after a series of three treatments performed in 4-week intervals are obtained. 

• stain hyperpigmentation
• sun spots, sensile
• erythema
• haemangiomas
• rosacea
• lines


• pregnancy and breast-feeding
• fresh tan, use of self-tanning creams and bronzers
• viral, bacterial, fungal infections
• epilepsy
• albinism
• vulnerability to keloids formation
• the use of photosensitising medications: i.e. tetracycline, doxycycline and vitamin A deriviates


The treatment is practically painless, therefore it is performed without local anesthesia. When the laser beam is exposed to the skin, a slight prick or burning may be felt. Depending on the needs of a patient, the treatment can be performed in static or dynamic mode. Swelling and redness of the skin may occur after the treatment. A day after the treatment mild swellings and erythema may occur but about five days, the hyperpigmentations become exfoliated, which leads to significant lightening them up or complete disappearance. The effect of the treatment in the form of erythema reduction, hyperpigmentation and increasing skin tension is visible after the first treatment.


Four weeks before the treatment, the use of products that increase the sensitivity of the skin should be discontinued, i.e. creams containing retinol, isotretinoin, fruit acids, vitamin C. Seven days before the treatment, St. John’s wort and marigold should be discontinued.
The treatment is performed on un-tanned skin. 


Directly after the treatment, the skin treated with laser may be red and swollen and a patient experiences a feeling of warmth. The above mentioned lesions persist for several days. For a month after the treatment, SPF50+ photoprotection is necessary. Moreover, for at least minimum of two weeks, do not use medicaments and cosmetics that increase the skin sensitivity to light. Avoid intense physical exercise, use of the sauna and solarium, alcohol consumption and hot baths for seven days. Healing creams such as Avene Cicaflate or Bioderma Cicabio are recommended for the recuperation of the skin after the treatment.


450 zł
Whole face
600 zł
400 zł
600 zł