It is the non-invasive skin and mucous membrane examination which enables fast, easy and effective skin lesions identification as a result of which having made the right diagnosis. The examination enables the physician to diagnose skin tumors at an early stage, which in turn, makes it possible of a complete cure.


  • Routine control of existing moles the so-called “junctional nevi”
  • Diagnosis of unspecified lesions in skin occurrence such as chronic persistent papuleson the skin, erosions, scabs, spots, changes of the fingernails
  • High-quality diagnosis for individuals with any family history of skin cancer
  • High-quality diagnosis for individuals with a higher risk of getting skin cancer e.g. using immunosuppressive drugs


It is recommended to carry out a routine skin monitoring at least once a year.
In the case of monitoring suspicious skin lesions, the test is usually carried out every three months.

Dermatoscopic assessment of skin lesions 250 zł