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iPixel laser treatment

iPixel laser treatment is recommended for patients who want to refresh the skin, eliminate wrinkles as well as remove the skin’s imperfections such as stretch marks or scars. The treatment is a unique solution for people who expect a spectacular and natural effect. iPixel 2940nm laser uses fractional ablative technology as a result of which iPixel directs an intense burst of laser energy onto the surface of the skin. By evaporating the epidermis and the upper layer of the dermis, production of new collagen is stimulated. When exposed to iPixel laser, the skin peels off, which results in an immediate refreshing of the skin’s appearance. Over the next three months, the rejuvenation effect increases through the gradual reconstruction of collagen fibers.


• Face wrinkles
• Looseness of firmness and skin tension
• Acne vulgaris scars
• Stretch marks
• Actinic keratosis
• Discoloration


• Collagen fiber structure reconstruction
• Smoothing of the skin surface
• Getting shallow of furrows and wrinkles
• Reduction of acne vulgaris atrophic scars and hypertrophic scars
• smoothing the skin tone alignment


• pregnancy and breast-feeding
• fresh tan, use of self-tanning creams and bronzers
• viral, bacterial, fungal infections
• epilepsy
• albinism
• vulnerability to keloids formation
• the use of photosensitising medications: i.e. tetracycline, doxycycline and vitamin A deriviates


The face skin treatment is performed after prior local anesthesia. The treatment on other areas of the body than the face does not require anesthesia. During the treatment a patient experiences a feeling of warmth and a gentle twinge. Directly after the treatment, bruising, redness or tenderness can occur. Small scabs after 2 days from the treatment are formed that usually peel off after 5 days.


Four weeks before the treatment, the use of products that increase the sensitivity of the skin should be discontinued, i.e. creams containing retinol, isotretinoin, fruit acids, vitamin C.
Seven days before the treatment, St. John’s wort and marigold should be discontinued. The treatment is performed on un-tanned skin.


Directly after the treatment, the laser treated area may be red and swollen and a patient experiences a feeling of warmth. Do not use make-up for the first two days. After 2 days from the treatment scabs are formed, that usually peel off after 5 days. Do not rub and scratch the micro-scabs In case of treatment done on different parts of the body (for example the reduction of the stretch marks on the tights) it is recommended to wear loose clothing that do not friction the treatment area. Moreover, for at least minimum of two weeks, do not use medicaments and cosmetics that increase the skin sensitivity to light. Avoid intense physical exercise, use of the sauna and solarium, alcohol consumption and hot baths for seven days. Healing creams such as Bioderma Cicabio or A-derma Epitheliale are recommended to speed up the healing process of the skin after the treatment.
One month after the treatment photoprotection SPF50+ is necessary.

Laser scar removal

Sometimes, as a result of an injury, surgery or unfortunate coincidence, scars of various types are formed the occurrence of which pose a big aesthetic problem. They are an unwelcome flaw of beauty and a source of low self-esteem assessment. Even a small defect can negatively affect our sense of attractiveness and self-confidence every day, everywhere. Fortunately, there is an safe and effective way to remove scars using laser therapy. Even significant scarring due to burn, surgery or post-acne scars can successfully be reduced. The fractional ablative laser works by creating controlled inflammatory foci of perforations in patient’s skin damaging without damaging surrounding healthy tissues at the site being treated. Owing to such a selective action, the recuperation period is short which makes the treatment highly effective. Each laser treatment of scar correction is to smoothen and improve the structure, to shallow, improve its elasticity and to soften.
The entire treatment process is long-lasting and lasts continuously for months follow-up after the treatment.

Stretch marks laser removal

Stretch marks are usually formed during adolescence, pregnancy and in case of the intense weight gain. The reason is the unnatural, too fast and excessive stretching of the skin, which makes the skin to become much weakened. All this results in the interruption of the collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in unsightly red stripes i.e. stretch marks, form. Over time, the red color fades away and turns into a beige-pearl shade, like a shiny scar under the skin. Stretch marks are an embarrassing problem, a beauty defect that we want to conceal at all costs. Unfortunately, stretch marks are very difficult to get rid of. The only chance to deal with them in an effective way is laser therapy. Laser therapy is based on the selective damage of the changed skin structure without actually damaging the healthy tissues in an area around. Laser therapy effectively shallows and reduces the occurrence of stretch marks on each part of the area of a body to be treated.


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1000 zł
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Face + platelet rich plasma
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