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Laser tattoo Q-switch removal

It is not infrequent that the decision to make a tattoo under the influence of impulse, current fashion trends or experiences in our lives is made. Some time passed and it is occurred we would like to have such a remainder removed. This is no longer a feast for our eyes, indeed, the tattoo begins to irritate every day. If a tattoo or a permanent make-up turned out to be unsuccessful or simply got bored, it is possible to remove one with the use of a special laser.

Tattoo removal is not a one-time procedure, but the whole process of gradual reduction. The number of treatments is selected individually to the needs of each patient, because it depends on the depth as well as the type of pigment and its color distribution

Treatments are usually performed at about 6-8 weeks intervals in order to allow the physiological process of cleansing of skin tissues from a smashed dye. As a result of the laser, the pigment from the tattoo is dispersed into small fragments, which over time are removed by the immune system.

  • Tattoo removal
  • Tattoo brightening to make a cover
  • Permanent makeup removal

  • Black tattoo
  • Blue tattoo
  • Red tattoo
  • Brown tattoo
  • Permanent eyebrows makeup



  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • fresh tan, use of self-tanning creams and bronzers
  • viral, bacterial, fungal infections
  • epilepsy
  • albinism
  • vulnerability to keloids formation
  • the use of photosensitising medications: i.e. tetracycline, doxycycline and vitamin A deriviates



Beforethe treatment, anesthesia with anesthetic cream is necessary. During the treatment, the laser impulses as slight pricks are felt by a patient. High power Q-switch head emits very short pulses (nanoseconds), which are selectively absorbed by the tattoo dye or by a permanent make-up. Each dye absorbs a different wavelength. High power Q-switch is equipped with the Nd: YAg 1064 nm tip that removes dark dyes: black, navy blue, grey, blue as well as KTP tip with a wavelength of 532 nm nm that removes bright dyes such as red, yellow or orange. Very high energy density allows the dyes to be smashed into small element, which by the phagocytes of the immune system are being removed.

In order to remove tattoos, a series of about 6-8 treatments every 6-8 weeks is highly recommended. In the case of a permanent make-up 4-5 treatments every 4-6 weeks is sufficient.


The treatment does not require any special skin preparation.The treatment is performed on un-tanned skin.


Directly after the treatment the skin may be appear red and swollen. A gentle bleeding from the treatment area is possible. Small scabs after few days from the treatment are formed that usually peel off after 7 days.

After the tattoo laser removal, the skin requires deep and intense moisturizing. A patient needs to care for the area treated with laser-therapy in order the site not to be scratched as it may lead to infection and scarring. It is advisable not to use a pool and sauna for a minimum of 5 days after the treatment. In the case of permanent make-up removal it is recommended not to apply any make-up for a minimum of 7 days. As a result a permanent make-up removal, eyebrow hair may undergo temporary brightening and weakening. In addition, it is advised to use sunscreen SPF50+ for 4 weeks after the treatment.


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Permanent makeup
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